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Joined: May 19, 2011
Posts: 60

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:31 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Hi All,

Well a few weeks on now & The GT6000, although a lot of play in the handle/bearings, actually has been an absolute joy to use. It was SO much better than my first fixed spool, lots of distance with no effort - I really liked it and it also turned out to be a very lucky reel. 11 Turbot & 1 Plaice in 3 sessions - chuffed.

OK....I know the reel had nothing to do with the catch rate, but it was great to catch some nice fish the first time I used it and the next two trips. It inspired confidence, performed flawlessly, felt very solid and I believe it's an ideal fixed spool for rocky marks - Graphite construction has a lot of advantages in this respect.

RW -I think you're right, brass sleeving may be the way forward - shim stock is widely available, I'd just be worried about it working it's way out the casing and jamming up the internals maybe a drop of plastic safe loctite/superglue to keep it in place. What I didn't check was the OD of the bearings to see if they were a bad batch of undersized outer race or if the casing is oversize?

Anyway, a friend took a shine to this GT6000 reel, so I parted with it this week and decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a cracking Power Aero 10000XSA I found collecting dust in the back of a shop - hope to try it out later this week but build & feel is outstanding. A little heavier than the GT6000, but I hope not enough to make any difference to my rock fishing. I've been holding the rod last few trips and catching everything thats bit.......previously using a small tripod, so may have been missing a lot of very shy bites.

I'd also love to try some distance beach work with this reel, always used mutipliers so I'm keen to compare the two - trouble is my beachcasters are both rung for Multipliers ........mmmm
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Joined: May 19, 2011
Posts: 60

PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:21 pm Reply with quote Back to top

...ah yes, after a slow start on my return to fishing, I seem to have caught up in the last few weeks. Hoping to get out again later this week. I started out with cheap tackle, back in May, just to get me back into the sport. Now I wish I had put that money towards good equipment from the outset, as I soon found both the rod & reel lacking. Chinese Reel started closing the bail arm when casting....First rod doesn't get used anymore as unwiedly & tip heavy - odd feel to it, although I admit it is a Carp Rod - just copes with 3Oz but won't look at 4Oz. Total outlay around 37 for the pair. The reel is junk, but I may be able to get something back for the rod with a local advert or eBay listing.

As you say, the confidence that quality equipment can be a major factor in success, just makes me feel a lot more proficient ? Casting has become effortless & accurate, so I'm able to put the bait in the same patch each time, right where the fish are feeding. Hoping the new reel will enhance all of this a little more.

A little apprehensive about using either of my MX beachcasters with the FS, as I'm using braid. Worried that any undue "catch" on the first ring may induce the dreaded wind knots due to line backing up. I used the GT6000, with braid, with the 4Oz Bass Rod which is combi rung for MX/FS - no problems at all. However, for Beach work I'm thinking I'll need 13' , a big gathering ring & 6Oz capability to get some problem free distance ? Anyway, another rod won't hurt dear - there's room in my holdall for a slim one! I'm rapidly becoming a Shimano convert, so currently looking at their offerings.

Anyway, way of topic now so......I have another post on Shimano Rod notation - the BX & CX designation - which is MX and which is FS rings ?
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