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Fishing Gear


Shakespeare Salt Beach Rod

After some humming and harring, finally decided to get one of these full carbon rods. They are light,slim and easy to use and compress very well with a 4 or 5 oz sinker - ideal for an old codger like me. I can cast it well over 100 yds without a lot of effort using OTG style. They have Fuji rings and a decent thickness of carbon fibre unlike some other full carbon rods in this price bracket. Instead of the more usual black dupon "handles", they have mid blue rubber criss-crossed sheaths which I have come to like very much as they do not slip and are far easier to clean up after a session on the beach. They come in a tough dark blue purpose made bag which Shakespeare have thoughtfully attached some velcro strips to so that one does not have to mess about with those rather silly ribbons which are often seen. The rings are relatively few but I suspect that this makes the rod even more "castable" as the leader knot does not have so many obstacles to hit on it's way up the rod. It sits well on the rod rest in breezy conditions but still registers light knocks remarkably well. I understand that Mike Thrussell was involved at the design stage and can well believe it as it seems to be a true anglers rod. The value for money is incredible - I got mine for around 50, as it compares very well with rods costing up to double that price. Take care if you look for one though; I have seen some tackle shops cherging rip off prices for them.

Added: October 11th 2007
Reviewer: eccles
Score: 10  
Hits: 16234
Language: english

Shakespeare Salt Beach Rod
Posted by stuartdv on 2007-10-22 23:48:42
My Score: 10  

Excellent Eccles- Thanks for that It's useful to know what rods you were comparing the Salt with for reference-especially as there are so many rods in that price range- the 3 piece salt was a contender for me as a travel rod for taking on hols but just got pipped at the post by a 6 pce Fox trek because of broken down size & I got a good deal on it. The Salt is obviously popular down your neck of the woods Tight Lines Stuart

Shakespeare Salt Beach Rod
Posted by eccles on 2007-10-19 23:44:09
My Score: 10  

Stuart, I recently had a chuck with a Greys GRX, virtually double the price of the Shakespeare. The Greys went a bit further but was heavier to use so will stick with the Shakespeare. Interesting to note that another guy feels the same as I do about the Shakespeare - try one some time, I think you will like it. Oh BTW I do not work for Shakespeare or a tackle shop.

Shakespeare Salt Beach Rod
Posted by dorado on 2007-10-19 21:00:20
My Score: 10  

i've got a salt rod and it preforms as good if not better than my team dawia 129 rod which cost 3 times as much!!!

Shakespeare Salt Beach Rod
Posted by stuartdv on 2007-10-16 22:49:09
My Score: 10  

Just interested in which rods double the price of the Salt you are referring to as being comparable with and have you used them?

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