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Tip Tornado Low Dia Super match

Hi folks changed the TT Match for the latest TT LD Super Match. This could be the perfect beach rod! The tip is perfection for bite detection in that it has just the right blend of stiffness to bend in the tide but is not too soft. The tip is slightly stiffer than the heavier duty TT Super Match which I personally found too soft.
The rod is an absolute joy to cast and will not pull your shoulders out of joint if you mess up. It produces impressive distances with simple off the ground casts and I am sure will top 200yds with 5 oz and a pendulum cast. What is surprising is the power available, you would swear this rod wouldn’t cast 6 oz but it does and very well indeed, in fact better than the majority of medium priced heavy beach casters! The rating should be 3 -6 oz not 3-5 oz. It has loads of feel to it when casting and is not a lifeless pole. It is quite light to hold and not tip heavy with the reel up the butt, unlike the TT Match! This is the perfect rod for light to medium beaches and will handle any normal weather conditions. As you can tell I can’t fault it, do yourself a favour and buy one. 12 out of 10 for me!

Added: February 3rd 2011
Reviewer: keith
Score: 10  
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Hits: 8470
Language: english

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