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Fishing Gear



Sea Fishing Lines
Sea Fishing Line
Sea Fishing Line
Drennan sea thru - Sea Fishing Line
Drennan Sea Thru - is a clear monofilament sea fishing line that is particularly popular when fishing clear water such as the South coast of England. Available in four breaking strains these bulk spools are excellent value for money. 18lb - 600m 20lb - 9kg - 600m - 0.42mm dia. 25lb - 425m 30lb - 350m
Drennan Sea Fishing Lines - more information - Drennan Sea Thru - Sea Fishing Lines
Sea Fishing Line
Drennan beach cast - Sea Fishing Line
This fluorescent yellow sea angling line is very popular with shore fishermen. It is also available in 4 breaking strains.
Sea Angling Lines - more information - Drennan beach cast - sea angling line
Shock Leader
Drennan greased weasel Shock Leader
Drennan Greased Weasel Shock Leader has got to be one of the best selling shock leaders ever made for sea fishing. It is available in 3 colours and 3 breaking strains.
Dinolink Shock Leader
Svendsen Sports Dynalink Sea Fishing shock leader
These bulk spools of bright orange shock leader offer fantastic value for money. - 50lb breaking strain - 500m per spool
Shock Leader - Sea Fishing - more information - Dynalink shock leader - Surf fishing Shockleader
Beach Casting Lines
Sufix Supreme yellow sea fishing line
This specially blended co-polymer nylon sea fishing line provides great tensile strength and high shock strength with controlled stretch. It is a consistently reliable performer and has become a favourite worldwide seller amongst sea anglers. It is yellow in colour and available in 4oz spools. Sufix Supreme Line 4oz Spool, Yellow: 4.5k (10lb) 0.28mm 1570m 6.75k (15lb) 0.35mm 1000m 9.1k (20lb) 0.40mm 770m 11.25k (25lb) 0.45mm 610m 13.5k (30lb) 0.50mm 490m
Sufix Line - more information - Sufix Supreme yellow sea fishing line
Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Grauvell Teklon Fluorocarbon sea Angling Line
This fantastic, natural colour sea angling line is produced from 100% Fluorocarbon which makes it totally invisible in the water due to its very low refractive index. It does not absorb water and therefore it always maintains its density and fast sinking properties. It is ideal for all types of lure fishing. There are 3 sizes available in 50m spools. 13lb - 5.9kg - 0.30mm dia. 16lb - 7.25kg - 0.35mm dia. 23lb - 10.5kg - 0.4mm dia
Fluorocarbon sea Angling Line - more information - Grauvell Teklon Fluorocarbon sea Angling Line
Surf Casting Line
Grauvell titan dyneema - Sea Angling Lines
Grauvell Titan Dyneema is a tightly woven sea fishing line, round, very smooth marine grade dyneema specially designed for sea fishing. It is red in colour which is the first colour of the spectrum to disapear in water. It is available on 500m spools in either 22kg (48.4lb) or 19kg (41.8lb) breakinng strains.
Sea Angling Lines - more information - Grauvell Titan Dyneema Line
Sufix Sea Fishing Line
Sufix tritanium 1lb spool - Sea fishing lines
Super Bond Polymer Technology provides superb abrasion resistance for the toughest situation, as well as offering high strength for diameter. A surf and boat speciality line. 1lb Spool, Clear: 3.6k (8lb) 0.25mm 7880m 4.5k (10lb) 0.28mm 6270m 5.4k (12lb) 0.31mm 5470m 6.75k (15lb) 0.35mm 4000m 9.1k (20lb) 0.40mm 3075m 11.25k (25lb) 0.45mm 2430m 13.5k (30lb) 0.50mm 1965m 22.5k (50lb) 0.65mm 1200m
Sufix tritanium 1lb spool - Sea Angling Lines - more information - Sufix tritanium 1lb spool Line
Sea Angling Lines
Grauvell bionix sea fishing line
Grauvell Bionix sea fishing line is a semi pre-stretched coploymer which retains some elasticity from the production process but retains a good breaking strain for diameter ratio. It is clear in colour with good knot strength and abrasion resistance with no memeory. This is a fantastic sea angling line available on bulk spools containing 5000m of line in 8.4kg (18.5lb) and 10.9kg (24lb) breaking strains. Details 8.4kg - 19lb - 0.35mm dia. 10.9kg - 24lb - 0.40mm dia.
Sea Lines - more information - Grauvell Bionix sea fishing line
Sea Angling Line
Sea Fishing Line

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