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Garfish - long and eel-like with a long toothy beak. It is a summer species that feed near the surface and are normally found along the UK southern shoreline ground baiting can work very well bringing many fish to your swim. You can catch Garfish by floatfishing using a trace between 2 and 4 foot from the float. Baits: small strips of fish and even ragworm, also spinners fished near the service work. When hooked usually you will see the Garfish leaping clear of the waters surface

Boat Captured Garfish Record 3-09-08 Mount Bay, Cornwall A Saunders 1994
Shore Captured Garfish record 3-04-12 Porthoustock, Cornwall F Williams 1995

Use tackle box, for storing your bits and pieces of fishing tackle. When hunting big fish use a trolling lure easy to run and productive on tuna and other predatory fish.

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