Where to get live Shrimp / Prawn ?

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Where to get live Shrimp / Prawn ?

Post by codfather911 »

i was wondering where you get live srimp or prawn and how much it is also how u keep them live? cheers for any help :D
codfather B-)

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Post by rabbi2 »

Buy a shrimp push net and wade knee deep in the water.
Cheers keith :D

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Post by davethecod »

when i use them for bassing( only certain times of the year) i normally drag my net through the weed on the river bank ,its concrete wall sloped at an angle just remember to keep the net going forward ,i keep mine alive by aerating the bucket and using ice blocks to keep the water temp low (fizzy drink bottles are better,another little tip is put two on together both hooked through the second tail segment but facing each other they are like cat and dog kicking like crazy bass love it THE COD

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Post by perry745 »

you could try a prawn trap, bought one on ebay for 3.95, comes flat packed but never tried it, givin it a go later so will let u all know

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