Ebay Baits ( again sry )

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Ebay Baits ( again sry )

Post by jim79 »

another enquiry as to the baits sold on ebay , mainly the crab nuggets ? , being that peeler is sooooo damn expensive and im such a lazy git when it comes to going out and getting my own , was just wonderin wether any1 had tried these crab nuggets with any success ??

link to said bait ( delete if not aloud )
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LINCS-PEELER-GRAB ... :4|294:200

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Post by jacko69 »

hi jim, as its now peeler season why would you want to pay for blue swimmer crab when fresh live peelers are avaliable in most tackle shops, you cant beat fresh bait and its the live stuff the fish are looking for

Dave :D

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Post by bucko »

Crab cart has had some good results on the north east rock marks for cod over the last two years, but Lincs. crab has never to my knowledge had any good results. Dont believe the advertising hype, I know people who have tried it and sworn at it, not by it. Only the fish really know a good bait and given a choice it seems that they would rather eat sand.
Take Jacko's advice and buy peeler crabs or get lug or rag worms, mackerel or blueys are cheap and very effective baits.
Good luck with the fishing.

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Post by redmouse »

ive seen a lot of write ups on this stuff, on a few different forums and never once saw a good report on it as bait.
a few people said it was ok to throw out near where your casting to get a bit of scent in the water but useless as bait as its near impossible to keep on a hook.
stay well clear.

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